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“You’ve Been Chosen” – A new Bioware/EA IP coming soon? (Update) (Update 2)

After two ambiguous teaser trailers, EA and Bioware are slowly but surely unveiling a new IP. The two trailers, released less than a week apart, show a variety of abstract mind-bending events occurring within a modern society. Beyond that, the videos are are difficult to define, but EA and Bioware’s logos appearing as the video closes out certainly gives reason for people to pay attention.

Among the abstract style of both trailers each also features an unexplained ring of fire, mysterious questions asked at the end of each. The first asks “What really happens when we sleep?” and the second asks “Do you know what they are watching?”

It seems both characters in each trailer are having their dreams/nightmares coming alive, but beyond that little is fully revealed other than these few verses written below the first trailer.

The time is near.
They are watching.
Your power is rising.
Cologne, Germany.
You’ve Been Chosen.

“Nightmare Teaser”

“Spark Teaser”

Update (8/8/2014):

A new trailer has been released as Bioware/EA prepare to reveal more information about the new You’ve been chosen trailer at gamescom in just four days.

The new trailer keeps the emphasis on the mysterious with another obscure damning occurrence that is seemingly caused by the sole woman murmuring to herself, “It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault.”


Update 2:


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