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Xbox One’s new user interface will soon be rolling out to preview members

Microsoft’s Xbox One has long been plagued users with slow load times across the user interface, but since June those on the Xbox team have been promising big things with a redesigned user interface designed to match and beat the speed and efficiency of the Xbox 360.

At E3 Microsoft had shown off a bit of their progress and the new interface displayed a massive improvement in time spent on completing simple tasks like accessing a friends list, starting a party, sending a message, and other tasks.

Now that work is finally going to be put into practice for many Xbox One gamers as preview program members are scheduled to begin getting invites to the new UI “next week.”

The interface does away with the prominent home-screen tile system that launched on the Xbox One, and instead offers greater integration with the console’s social features linking to the game hub of whatever the last game you’re playing and listing friends currently playing.

The original Xbox One interface matching the Windows 8 tiled-layout style.

One of the hallmark features is an improved snap guide that aids in making those basic tasks as fast possible.

The snap guide is designed to rival the functionality of the Xbox 360 guide.

The Xbox division has been building up to this fall since the start of this year with a variety of high-profile titles scheduled to release — including Xbox One‘s exclusive Halo 5.

This “new Xbox experience” is just one major keynote in a second half chock full of announcements for Microsoft.

The new UI will be rolling out in small increments to preview members with the most active members in providing feedback getting the update earliest.