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Xbox One and PS4 Grand Theft Auto V confirmed for November 18th release | New details released

It was arguably the best contemporary game ever at its release just about one year ago, but Rockstar is preparing for another successfull launch of the same game — Grand Theft Auto V.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who was very critical of the last generation release of Grand Theft Auto V, but thesThe story remains, the world’s infastructure stays intact, and the characters are just as lovable as before, but Rockstar’s new-generation release is looking to be well worth a second launch of the game on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The beautiful vistas of Los Santos look even better this time around.
The beautiful vistas of Los Santos look even better this time around.

Every aesthetic aspect of the game is being improved in this new release — the weather is enhanced, the traffic is denser, the wildlife is more prominent, and the foliage is thicker all brought to the new generation of consoles (and later PC’s) with greater draw distances and a higher resolution.

Even beyond that, the in-game content is looking better as well with new vehicles, weapons, songs, and activities at every players’ disposal along with a $1 million in-game cash bonus being given to those who elect to preorder the game as well. ($500,000 for the single-player, $500,000 for multiplayer.)

For long-time fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise some returning vehicles will be a nice memoir of the game’s past with the Duke, Dodo seaplane (with its very fitting name), and an improved Blimp reappearing again in both single-player and online play.

When you find the time to take a break from the gunning down half the city, the new wildlife photography activity will offer a good change of pace from the chaotic world.

GTA Online will be looking at a significant upgrade as well with a player-count boost from 16 to 30 for the consoles and Rockstar mysteriously left out the note of the PC version’s player-count which could hint that even more players could be playing together in a single game on PCs.

Many gamers still resent the fact that the highly coveted heist missions have yet to be included in the previous iterations of GTA V and while Rockstar has not confirmed if heists will be coming to the new-generation multiplayer, it certainly seems like the perfect time to include the addition.

For all those continuing their Los Santos adventures over from the previous gen game you’ll be able to transfer over all of your characters and their progression in GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and Playstation 4 will be releasing November 18th and the PC release will follow on January 27th, 2015.