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Xbox One E3 2015 | Xbox Elite Controller announced; button remapping, customizable parts

With the love the Xbox 360 has almost always been benefited to, it’s incredible that Microsoft continues to push the boundaries with their almost universally loved design. The Xbox One controller offered some minor improvements as well, but now Microsoft has unveiled a new groundbreaking controller that offers a vast array of advantages.

A new conversed D-pad, improved triggers with hair-trigger capability, additional paddle buttons, and complete customization options to swap in and out the components that you like most. Everything including the joysticks can be replaced with different components to give players the experience adhered to how they play and what they prefer.

These additions make the controller resemble something more closely to the work done by custom controller company Scuf.

While the core design stays the same these improvements make the Xbox One Elite controller a truly new generation controller and will likely follow in the Xbox 360 controller’s footsteps as one of the most popular gamepads for PC gaming as well.

The Xbox One Elite Controller will soon be available for pre order for $150.