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Xbox One – disc drive fix

After a mostly smooth launch Microsoft still has had its share of issues with its console. The Xbox One’s primary problem seems to have a very easy fix, though it may sound bizarre.

For those experiencing a strange grinding noise, a couple of bangs to the underside of the console may be all you need to correct the problem. The goal is to knock a loose rotating gear back into place. To rectify the issue make sure there is no disc in the disc drive and then unplug your console and set it down on a flat surface. After you have all the wires out of the way, flip the console upside down so that the serial code bar is facing upwards. On the right side of the upside down console (side of the disc tray), firmly hit the console 2-3 times to knock the gear back into place. Just like with the Playstation 4, this is not the recommended action that is officially advised. It is certainly safer to simply contact Microsoft for a replacement console.

*Per Polygon – Buyers may be compensated a free game from Microsoft for the broken disc drive.