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A winter wonderland in Los Santos! | Rockstar updates Grand Theft Auto V Online for the Holiday season

Just as it did last year on the previous generation, the snow is piling up across Los Santos right now in Grand Theft Auto Online in honor of the holiday season.

This time around there’s some more to see with the return of the firework launcher, and the ability for players to pick up snowballs and stage some lighthearted wars amidst the typical destructive nature of the world.

Something about these snowballs is a bit crazy in itself too, as they can deal some pretty substantial damage for a fluffy ball of freezing. Depending on a players strength you can kill a pedestrian with a single good throw.

Along with the snowballs and wonderful updates to the scenery and vistas of the city, expect some tough driving conditions as roads are even more slick than what they typically are with rain, and some objects in the streets are covered by the layers of snow.

Some new cars, weapons, and gear are also available to players, while Rockstar promises some extras for those that check their inventory on Christmas day.

Rockstar Newswire: Festive Surprise