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Is Windows 10 the Xbox One’s future UI?

Universal apps are on the way and connecting all of Microsoft’s application to create a Windows 10 ecosystem that promotes a diverse library of software on Xbox Ones, PCs, and Windows Phones.

The looming plans to integrate all of the company’s platforms is already expected to help the app library grow and flourish, but with the similarities that the Xbox One has with the Metro OS on Windows 8, we may be in store to see a more fleshed out version of the Windows operating system on the home console in the near future as well.

The Xbox 360's "blades" featured one of the cleanest U.I.'s used during the console's life-span.
The Xbox 360’s “blades” featured one of the cleanest U.I.’s used during the console’s life-span.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that the Xbox division shook things up with their user interface. The Xbox 360 has had a multitude of looks and appearances — evolving over the years. From the early days of the 360’s blades to the “new Xbox experience” to the “metro” interface, Microsoft is no stranger to these major face-lifts.

The current Xbox One metro look is decent, but navigation without a kinect could be simplified and cleaned up. Windows 10 is designed for the “cloud-first world” and this gives Microsoft the opportunity to make a platform that is truly your one place for everything that they made seem their true desire among the console’s initial release.

Given the popularity of the kinect-less Xbox One right now, Microsoft may look to key on creating a better controller focused navigation system as the new windows converges everything.

Currently the interface is a bit more convoluted and it sometimes struggles to optimize multiple tasks together. Snapping is useful, but its flow of operation is inconsistent. Selecting things can sometimes cause unexpected errors and closure of whatever may be snapped.

The party system is vastly different than what it once was on the Xbox 360, and, by some accounts, worse than former console’s design. Microsoft had once overhauled their chat-room system before — adding parties in the first place on top of private-chats. We could see them do it again.

While Windows may be coming to the console in the future, don’t be expecting as much freedom as you’d get on a typical PC. Windows 10 will drive the system, but it won’t act and behave the same way users interact with the desktop operating system.

Big changes are to come soon, and the Xbox has vastly improved since its initial release in 2013, but what should be the one place for everything is still vastly under-optimized and trailing behind its main competitor in Sony’s Playstation 4.

Rest assured, Microsoft is improving and the gap between the consoles will begin to close — especially with their incredible black friday sales right now.

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