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What is VizionEck?


It looks different and it plays different, but what exactly is VizionEck?
It looks different and it plays different, but what exactly is VizionEck?

VizionEck, a competitive first-person shooter with vibrant colorful art and an encouragement to explore non-typical approaches to combat. Michael Armbrust released the first glimpse of his upcoming title’s gameplay today.

Showcasing an overload of bright neon colors everywhere you look, the game utilizes a very abstract environment for players to play. The game’s abstract style goes beyond just its looks though. Even the gameplay itself isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Armbrust notes that “Even self-destruction has positive outcomes depending on the player’s circumstances.”

The weaponry is peculiar, your character is just a small cube, and the light-gravity movement all cetainly make the game stand out, but until more gameplay and information are released it will be difficult to determine whether its unique qualities will actually be good qualities.

The gameplay trailer lists a multitude of features and inclusions planned for the finished product:

  • 4 Player local co-op splitscreen. With the rarity of triple-A local co-op games, VizionEck’s incorporation of the game mode is a great addition to the title.
  • 24 player online multiplayer. More information will be released soon, but seeing how 24 players will battle out during one match will be very interesting to see. The released multiplayer modes so far, “Ranger, Team Ranger, Duel, and Retrieval.”
  • Free DLC. The addition of free DLC is another important inclusion, especially given how simple the gameplay initially appears. The game leaves a lot of room for new ideas and features to be included post-release.
  • An open world campaign. The only game mode shown so far was a “Ranger 1V1V1V1” free-for-all, but the game promises to go beyond what the first look at the gameplay showcased.

The trailer notes a variety of other features as well. Check out the trailer below.

VizionEck will release this Holiday season exclusively on the PS4.

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2 thoughts on “What is VizionEck?

  1. It looks very interesting and different and it’s great to see Sony supporting such avant garde content. Reminds me of Vib Ribbon.
    I think it could use better music or sounds, but the idea of hiding (blending in) with the backgrounds as a technique is pretty cool.

  2. Armbrust has said before he likes innovative features and that’s just another example of it — blending in to the background.

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