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Watch_Dogs gets recreated in GTA IV with mod

Watch_Dogs may have created a unique world to explore in Chicago, but a modder is bringing all the hacking and system manipulation to Liberty City.

The creative additions modders have implemented never seems to slow down for GTA IV. Now players can experience Rockstar’s open-world with many of Aiden Pearce’s signature capabilities.

Starting as just a small mod for camera hacks created by Yeardley Diamond, another modder took it a step further by adding the Aiden Pearce player model, the Watch_Dogs interface assets, traffic light and car alarm manipulation,  and other new animations to bring the world alive in a new way.

While almost all the new features seem to be identical to the Watch_Dogs, the modder maintains that the game does not intend to copy Watch_Dogs, and that it was merely the inspiration behind the mod.

A few other changes need to be made to get the standard GTA to look as pretty as the video above — most notably the iCEnhancer 3.0.

Download the mod here.

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