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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 coming to Xbox One and PS4 late 2015

Though it has already been unofficially revealed/leaked from so many people and hinted by Tony Hawk himself many times already, a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater has finally been confirmed.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 comes after a long drought of quality skateboarding games under the Tony Hawk name with Proving Ground’s 2007 release receiving mediocre scores on metacritic. Other Tony Hawk spin-offs didn’t fair much better with the experimental “Ride” project having the worst sales in the history of the franchise.

Though it is still the same studio (Robomodo) who made Ride that is now making THPS5, the opportunity for redemption is massive.

Now comes a chance for some real, reachable success comes again in the continuation of the main series that was cut by Pro Skater 4’s 2002 release — and Pro Skater 5 looks to recapture all the greatness of its glory days while merging it with a seamless online-centric experience.

This new campaign will directly link to the game’s multiplayer allowing for gamers to hop online and off with the same missions and objectives made available. Another popular feature of the franchise that has always been well received is the map editor which also shares an online focus as players can upload their creations to share among others.

More details will be revealed in the full June release of the gameinformer magazine.

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