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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay video leaked

Though Ubisoft is working tirelessly to keep the Alpha footage video concealed from the public eye, clips of a close-quarters Rainbow Six: Siege map has been popping up online.

The gameplay showcases the same 5v5 multiplayer mode seen in the official Ubisoft release from last summer. Players battle for either the capture or saving of a single hostage.

Rainbow Six Siege screenshot 1

Compared to the earlier E3 footage though the gameplay looks underwhelming. It’s possible that the E3 showing is what they’re aiming for in their final product, but visually this showing is still far behind what they initially conveyed.

The most evident features in the Siege are the gadgets that are always prevalent in Rainbow Six games, and the obstacles that can be placed down to make for a more dynamic experience each time players play the same maps. Shown in the video — destructable barricades to board up doors, barbed wire, and expandable shields that can be placed anywhere on the ground.

Primary weapons shown in the video are an MP5 MLI submachine gun, a P90 submachine gun, a 591A1 shotgun, a Famas G assault rifle, a K33 Nato, and a G36C assault rifle.

Secondary weapons shown are the Np-9 smg, Model 586 revolver, MAC 11 smg, MK25 pistol, and M45 MEUSOC pistol.

Gadgets and additional equipment shown in the video are frag grenades, breaching charges, stun grenades, EMP Grenades, the “Shock Drone”, and a “Bonfire Launcher”.

Also to be expected based on the variety between each character model is the customizable online player builder like that in Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2.

Rainbow Six: Siege is due to release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in late 2015.

Check here for an unlisted Youtube video of the gameplay.

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