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Titanfall to add new co-op game modes in Respawn’s “biggest update ever”

Titanfall's 8th update adds more features than ever.
Titanfall’s 8th update adds more features than ever.

Titanfall fans, get excited. Respawn is adding plenty of new features, fixes, and game modes in their newly revealed “Game Update #8.”

The biggest stand-out addition in this update is the new “Frontier Defense” game mode — a wave-based co-op experience that incorporates all current maps — will operate similarly to Horde mode in Gears of War or Firefight in Halo 3: ODST.

Each wave of the A.I. enemies will be more intense as you and your team of 4-8 players do what you can to continue the onslaught. With loadout crates available near each objective, players will have their entire arsenal of weaponry to switch to as you play.

Even when the players do perish during the battles, Respawn made sure to make even the return to action a fun one.

“Pilots who fall in battle are flown back into the fray in a dropship that circles above the action before touchdown. Experienced Pilots always maximize their impact on the struggle below by firing from the side window of the dropship on approach.” – Official Titanfall changelog

Some changes are coming to other gamemodes as well.

Capture the Flag will no longer end in a tie, but instead a sudden death overtime round will determine the winner.

Two other entirely new modes will be added in the coming weeks — Deadly Ground and Marked for Death Pro.

Deadly Ground plays exactly how you might expect. Players must utilize their wall running skills, jet-pack jumps, and zip-line capabilities to avoid touching the ground. Anyone who does fall will be killed by “deadly electrified fog.” This gamemode will work in conjugation with the Hardpoint, Capture the Flag and Marked For Death modes and will be available to play on a select group of maps.

Marked for Death Pro takes on all the elements that the standard Marked for Death has, but will operate with round-based pace of play.

New for all of Titanfall will also be a Ranked Play system that takes on the typical Ranked system other games have, but add Respawn’s own personal touch.

Rather than segregate Ranked game modes to a select list, all game modes will be available to enjoy ranked matches in. Respawn will be giving everyone their own “Rank Chip” to organize each player’s place in the skill hierarchy.

Mackay McCandlish explains:

“The Rank Chip measures your skills. How well are you playing the game mode? Are you pulling your weight? Are you racking up enough Ks to offset your Ds?

The Rank Chip is more like an expensive pedometer, really. It will give you goals to strive for.”

For players who don’t want the pressure of maintaining a high rank the Rank Chip can be turned off at anytime.

The Rank Chip will be available in beta to Gen 10 players, and will be expanding in the coming days after.

These new additions should give players ample reason to give Titanfall another go. The game’s bare-bones starting content has come a long way since its launch in March. This new update exemplifies Respawn’s dedication to improving the game in all aspects.

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