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The Witcher 3 continues to lead the charts; sells 4 million copies in two weeks

With back-to-back weeks as the leader on the UK’s Charttrack, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been a bonafide hit with virtually universal praise as an open-world RPG. As fans of the game enjoy playing CD Projekt Red has benefited with four million copies sold worldwide.

The developer of the series, CD Projekt, promises they wont let fans down with the love they’re being given.

Co-founder of the company, Marcin Iwinski said in an open letter to fans “you can be sure that we’ll harness all that positive energy and make the upcoming expansions worthy of the grand adventure that you’re telling us Wild Hunt already is!”

The expansions referred to, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, will release in October and early 2016 respectively. Hearts of Stone will retail at $9.99 while Blood and Wine will be $19.99. Both of the DLC releases are expected to offer a tremendous amount of content with Iwinski claiming they could would include more than some stand-alone games.

“”We remember the time when add-on disks truly expanded games by delivering meaningful content. As gamers, we’d like to bring that back. We’ve said in the past that if we ever decide to release paid content, it will be vast in size and represent real value for the money. Both our expansions offer more hours of gameplay than quite a few standalone games out there.”

The Witcher 3 is currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC for $59.99.