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Respawn celebrates Titanfall’s one-year anniversary | Here’s what they’re offering:

Titanfall released as the first stand-out Xbox One exclusive back in 2014 as it brought not only a new IP to the library, but an extraodinarily fast-paced FPS experience. Even the Call of Duty franchise that Respawn Entertainment branched off of seems to have taken some ideas from the multiplayer focused shooter. Advanced Warfare had its own share of rapid movement and quick gameplay.

Now Respawn Entertainment is giving away their Season Pass package for no cost — besides the game itself of course. All three map packs are now available free on all platforms (PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One). Check out the Origin Store and the Xbox Store to download the maps.

The multiplayer has always been the fixation for Respawn and now they’re looking to make it even better as they grow the community with an expanded experience for gamers.

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Fast gameplay, abstract setting, and quality multiplayer — the new trademarks of top shooters

Advanced Warfare brings some of the biggest changes to the Call of Duty franchise since COD 4.
Advanced Warfare brings some of the biggest changes to the Call of Duty franchise since  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releasing just last week, the highly publicized release of Destiny back in September, and the popularity of Titanfall on the Xbox One, it seems nearly all shooters — especially first-person shooters — are following similar blue-prints to success.

Two generations ago it was Medal of Honor and Call of Duty leading the World War II trend, but now a fast-paced shooter with imaginative environments that also offers a great multiplayer to boot are becoming the hallmarks of the best games on the new generation.

The release of Titanfall brought a very quick and dynamic approach to traversal while also executing the core elements of a typical FPS. Though the game lacked a truly immersive story, the gameplay was — and still is — spectacular. Many similar gameplay qualities are seen in the new Call of Duty and other games outside the FPS genre are attempting to take a different approach to movement in general; see Sunset Overdrive.

And while it certainly isn’t a new specific setting, more games are looking towards more abstract worlds that grant the developers greater freedom in their approach to game design. This is a definite positive for the industry and giving devs more freedom will certainly lead to some incredible worlds to explore down the road.

Titanfall's fast traversal and its alterations from the standard FPS help it stand out.
Titanfall’s evasion from the typical FPS style help it stand out.

Titanfall has been following this track, Advanced Warfare is now taking this track, and other games to come are bringing more complex environments and exotic stories to gaming as well. Quantum Break, Infamous, Sunset Overdrive, and even a game like The Order 1886 are also taking more liberties in their development with gameplay characteristics that make them truly stand our among the rest.

More freedom, more ideas, better games.

These trends look to be lasting long enough to alter the direction of other major developers and publishers as well.

Halo 5’s release next year could look to build on this recent trend by evolving their own style of play.

Will we see wall-running and grinding for Master Chief or Agent Locke? Probably not, but perhaps a greater emphasis on the jet-pack will be incorporated into the campaign this time around to match the flow that other developers are taking.

Since Halo: Reach the series has been adding various alterations to how players can make their ways throughout the game with sprinting, jet packs, gravity lifts, and more vehicles in the multiplayer. It would make sense to see a bit more of it added into the story given this recent trend, but the overall multiplayer experience would be best to stay in tune with the likes of Halo 2 and 3.

Ensuring the multiplayer lives up to expectations is crucial and tinkering with the experience too much could lead to some less-than-happy fans. Given how crucial a solid multiplayer is now, the envisioning of a game with the aforementioned qualities along with a great multiplayer being the metaphorical cherry on top is the desire for a lot of the major developers right now — and that’s a great thing to see.

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Titanfall to add new co-op game modes in Respawn’s “biggest update ever”

Titanfall's 8th update adds more features than ever.
Titanfall’s 8th update adds more features than ever.

Titanfall fans, get excited. Respawn is adding plenty of new features, fixes, and game modes in their newly revealed “Game Update #8.”

The biggest stand-out addition in this update is the new “Frontier Defense” game mode — a wave-based co-op experience that incorporates all current maps — will operate similarly to Horde mode in Gears of War or Firefight in Halo 3: ODST.

Each wave of the A.I. enemies will be more intense as you and your team of 4-8 players do what you can to continue the onslaught. With loadout crates available near each objective, players will have their entire arsenal of weaponry to switch to as you play.

Even when the players do perish during the battles, Respawn made sure to make even the return to action a fun one.

“Pilots who fall in battle are flown back into the fray in a dropship that circles above the action before touchdown. Experienced Pilots always maximize their impact on the struggle below by firing from the side window of the dropship on approach.” – Official Titanfall changelog

Some changes are coming to other gamemodes as well.

Capture the Flag will no longer end in a tie, but instead a sudden death overtime round will determine the winner.

Two other entirely new modes will be added in the coming weeks — Deadly Ground and Marked for Death Pro.

Deadly Ground plays exactly how you might expect. Players must utilize their wall running skills, jet-pack jumps, and zip-line capabilities to avoid touching the ground. Anyone who does fall will be killed by “deadly electrified fog.” This gamemode will work in conjugation with the Hardpoint, Capture the Flag and Marked For Death modes and will be available to play on a select group of maps.

Marked for Death Pro takes on all the elements that the standard Marked for Death has, but will operate with round-based pace of play.

New for all of Titanfall will also be a Ranked Play system that takes on the typical Ranked system other games have, but add Respawn’s own personal touch.

Rather than segregate Ranked game modes to a select list, all game modes will be available to enjoy ranked matches in. Respawn will be giving everyone their own “Rank Chip” to organize each player’s place in the skill hierarchy.

Mackay McCandlish explains:

“The Rank Chip measures your skills. How well are you playing the game mode? Are you pulling your weight? Are you racking up enough Ks to offset your Ds?

The Rank Chip is more like an expensive pedometer, really. It will give you goals to strive for.”

For players who don’t want the pressure of maintaining a high rank the Rank Chip can be turned off at anytime.

The Rank Chip will be available in beta to Gen 10 players, and will be expanding in the coming days after.

These new additions should give players ample reason to give Titanfall another go. The game’s bare-bones starting content has come a long way since its launch in March. This new update exemplifies Respawn’s dedication to improving the game in all aspects.

Click here for the full list of additions, bug fixes, and other changes
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What’s the best new-generation games right now?

Destiny looks like a sure-bet to be the immediate best game for the new generation upon its release in two weeks.
Destiny looks like a sure-bet to be the immediate best game for the new generation upon its release in two weeks.

Let’s take a look at the best of the new-genertaion before Destiny and the Master Chief Collection dethrone them all in just a few weeks.

We’re closing in on a full year since the the release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and almost two years since the WiiU’s release. With multiple developers planning on abandoning the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 next year, gamers should be ready and excited to fully immerse themselves within the new-generation.

Each console holds some charm with the exclusive games available to them right now. The Xbox One will be looking forward to an influx of exclusives coming soon, and the Playstation 4 will certainly benefit from the remakes and returning franchises to the platform. Even with its early struggles the WiiU has amassed a respectable library to choose from.

So what games are best on each system?

Xbox One – Titanfall


An incredible unique approach to the FPS genre, Titanfall brought the Xbox One its first must-have game. The revolution it has brought to terrain traversal can not be downplayed. Though it lacked a true story to play through, the gameplay in the multiplayer steers clear of growing too repetitive and Respawn’s utilization of Microsoft’s servers create a reliable multiplayer that rarely has its service interrupted. With the twists that Respawn instilled over the core FPS gameplay and online-centric experience, Titanfall is surely the best game on Xbox One right now.

WiiU – Mario Kart 8


With 2.82 million copies sold in its first month available, it would be a crime to not consider Mario Kart 8 the WiiU’s best game. Many would call it the console’s most important game. Over three times as many consoles were sold within the fiscal quarter that Mario Kart 8 was released (relative to the same quarter of the previous year). The sales are with good reason though. The 1080p; 60 FPS gameplay along with the new additions such as anti-gravity transitions the game brings the core experience new life while maintaining the classic feel.

Playstation 4 – The Last of Us: Remastered


The Last of Us was already an incredible game on the Playstation 3, but when players were able to get their hands on the ‘remastered’ version, there was good reason to get excited for the adventure again. The dark and grim setting is brought to life with remarkable visual upgrades. Naughty Dog’s inclusion of a photo-mode helps players appreciate the scenery even more. While the world alone is something to marvel at, the narrative that occurs within takes players on an incredible journey despite the game not being initially designed for the new-generation of consoles.

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Titanfall announces “Frontier’s Edge” DLC

Titanfall has announced the second of three DLC. The DLC continues to promote diversity of maps.
Titanfall has announced the second of three DLC. The DLC continues to promote diversity of maps.

Just as Titanfall goes on sale for Xbox Live gold members (33% off normal price), the game’s developer, Respawn, has revealed Frontier’s Edge, an upcoming DLC promising to bring a greater diversity of environments for players to square off in.

The release will be Respawn’s second of three DLC and will include three maps — a mining outpost, beach resort, and mountain side mining hub.

No current release date is set, but the DLC will be immediately included for those who have the game’s “Season Pass”, but will otherwise be available for $9.99 on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

With Respawn’s last release incorporating a swampy location for players and this upcoming release including a beach and mountainside, the expectations for the third DLC will be for continued diversity.

Some players suggest snow or rainfall could be a desired trait for Titanfall to include in their final downloadable content pack. What do you want to see in Titanfall’s third DLC?

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