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PSN and Xbox Live receive hacker attacks and outages for Christmas

More repercussions for Sony; Microsoft along for the ride

Around 3:00 pm on Wednesday, Playstation and Microsoft users began experiencing problems accessing their respective online services, Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Log-in and content purchasing problems and online multiplayer issues were among the most complaints on the PSN and Xbox Live outages.

Lizard Squad, an anonymous hacker group that has previously attacked PSN back in August and earlier this month, has laid claims to this Christmas gift on Twitter:

The hacker squad tweeted out prior to the initial attacks that they were preparing for something big:

After Sony Pictures Entertainment was attacked last month for its controversial upcoming picture The Interview, which centers around the assassination of North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un, Lizard Squad promised another “Christmas gift” if the company released the movie.

After an initial delay, Sony began distributing the movie Thursday in a little over 300 theaters across the United States, and managed to pull in $1.04 million. The movie is also available online.

Xbox Live, which began offering The Interview on demand, was targeted by the hacker group as well. Lizard Squad offered a hint on Twitter on Wednesday of the impending trouble:

On Thursday, reports were flooding the support pages of both Xbox and Playstation for answers as both were experiencing problems. And once again, Lizard Squad had a bit of fun mocking gamers who were attempting to access the PSN and Xbox Live networks on Xbox One and PS4.

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Free digital upgrade for Destiny available for previous gen purchases

Bungie and Activision look to be on pace for one of the most successful games in gaming history.
Bungie and Activision look to be on pace for one of the most successful games in gaming history.

For those that are still holding off purchasing either the Xbox One or Playstation 4, Bungie is giving fans an opportunity to easily transfer over their Destiny experience to the new generation.

While some gamers are still holding on to their Xbox 360s or Playstation 3s, they’ll now be able to bring at least one game with them over to the new consoles. Bungie will be giving all buyers of the digital version of Destiny on the Xbox 360 or PS3 the ability to upgrade their game to the new generation for a limited time.

Whether you buy just the base game, the limited edition, or the Ghost edition, you’ll be given the same rendition when you upgrade while all your in-game possessions, stats, and character progression completely transfer over as well.

Even after you transfer to the new console, you’ll still be able to play your game on the previous gen console with no draw-backs.

Bungie and Activision are preparing for a massive blockbuster with Destiny, and their incredible popularity gives them the ability to give fans what is essentially two copies of the game next week as the game releases (September 9th).