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Adorable Venom Snake Nendoroid pre-orders open now

If you never thought adorable could be used as a word to describe Big Boss, think again. Good Smile Company is making a Nendoroid version of Venom Snake in his sneaking suit outfit. Although the mini-figure won’t ship until April 2016, you can reserve the “perfect soldier” before it’s no longer available. Here are some pictures from the product page.

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The package will set you back ¥5,500 or $45.92 USD as of today’s current exchange rate. Despite charging their items in Japansese currency, there is no need to worry because the company does ship to North America. Keep in mind that you only can pre-order your mini-figure of Big Boss from Good Smile Company’s online shop starting from Sep. 17 until October 14, 2015 21:00 JST or 8:00pm EST.