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LEGO Dimensions to release September 29

Warner Bros has finally announced the release date of the highly anticipated real-life to virtual-world LEGO experience — LEGO Dimensions.

Starting September 29, LEGO will be releasing a starter pack that will include the game disc for one of several platforms, the LEGO gateway itself, and three characters: Gandalf (Lord of the Rings), Batman (DC), and Wyldstyle (LEGO Movie). This package will also include a miniature LEGO batmobile.

This pack will be listed at a reasonable $99.99 USD and it has been confirmed by Warner Home Video Games that the LEGO gateway and game disc will be compatible with future expansion packs for years to come.


Above is an example of some of the first team, level, and fun packs that will be released to be used with the LEGO gateway.

LEGO has been able to team up with a wide variety of brands to create a diverse, imaginative opportunity for its users.

Up to date the brands include,

  • Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit (Middle Earth)
  • DC Comics (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman)
  • The LEGO Movie
Back to the Future
  • The Wizard of OZ
  • Ninjago

LEGO Dimensions will surely be featuring more brands in the future as they look to expand on the unique and imaginative atmosphere Dimensions gives its audience.

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