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Witness ‘The Witness’ on the first month of 2016

Used as a majoring selling point for Sony when the PS4 was about to debut in store shelves yet remained silent since it’s delay from its original 2015 launch schedule, gamers had been wondering “what happened to The Witness?” That question has just been answered.

Coming straight from Jonathan Blow, the designer of Braid, The Witness will finally be playable on January 26, 2016.

The Witness is a first-person adventure game where you explore an island and solve puzzles. According to Blow’s blog post, he claims that the game can be beaten from 8 to 12 hours but completionists or people who want more can get up to 80 or 100 hours of gameplay. PS4 owners will be the first to play this long anticipated game with an eventual release on Windows and iOS.

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Apple delves into console iOS gaming with new Apple TV

After multiple Apple-focused blogs including have begun to perpetuate the rumors that the next Apple TV will include a more fleshed-out gaming experience on the media hub platform.

Apple TV is expected to include additional peripherals besides the standard remote to offer a better control scheme for games. The new controller is expected to include “tactile physical buttons and a touchpad” on the controller. This new interface will open up Apple to some new compeititon in the microconsole industry with the recent acquisition of OUYA by Razer leading the way for a new android microconsole from the PC gaming peripheral maker.

Apple’s appstore has an excellent abundance of platformers and story driven games albeit with very underwhelming visuals. Don’t expect Apple to make much of a jump in the hardware department.

A great UI will be the driving force behind a positive user experience.

The digital assitant Siri will reportedly be a large focus for the new Apple TV and will allow players to jump in and out of games and other apps with simple voice commands.

Some new and growing games will be shown off on the recently created twitter feed for iOS games. Sneak previews, in-game hints/suggestions, and other various gaming-centric content including Appstore editor-game developer interactions will be routinely posted.

The new Apple TV 4 with iOS games is also rumored to be as much as double the retail price of the Apple TV 3 at launch. Cnet has reported the price tag could be up to $199.

Apple will have a full press event September 9 and will reveal more details about what fans of iOS games are in for with Apple TV 4.