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Fast-paced arena eSport game #IDARB releases for free on Xbox One

I Drew A Red Box was what the game began as during its developmental stages, and overtime it has expanded into a fast-paced, multiplayer eSport game.

The devs, Other Ocean, elected to continue with the name #IDARB, and today the title has just been released on the Xbox One — two days earlier than expected.

The 16-bit styled game is being brought to the console in the February “Games with Gold” monthly promotion from Microsoft.

The game offers a rapid-action 2-8 player multiplayer experience with highly customizable features. Everything from the character you play as, to the game’s own theme music can be altered to whatever the player desires.

A console with local players can take on another console with a matching number of local players online (couch vs couch) in 1v1 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 battles.

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#IDARB coming free to Xbox One

It began as a red box, and the developers have evolved the game too an incredible, fast-paced arena eSport game dubbed #IDARB.

The developer, Other Ocean, has been known for its mobile games with the likes of NBA Rush and Diner Dash on iOS, and their Duty Calls parody game of the hackneyed approach many developers take to FPS games.

Their newest game, #IDARB, brings an intense action game where 4-8 players face-off with whoever scoring the most goals being victorious.

This upcoming game is on pace to be one of the most popular console games for Other Ocean as a recent deal with Microsoft looks to add to a large influx of fans. #IDARB has now been confirmed to be part of the Xbox One’s monthy “Games with Gold” come February.

E3 trailer: