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Halo Wars 2 announced for Xbox One

Halo Wars 2 a continuation to the real time strategy game originally on the Xbox 360 has been announced as Microsoft’s “one last thing” at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

The teaser trailer showcased some of the incredible CGI cutscene visuals that fans have come to expect since the last release of Halo Wars in 2009.

The game is being developed by both 343i and Creative Assembly. Creative Assembly is the studio behind the Total War strategy games, Alien: Isolation, and Viking: Battle for Asgard.

No gameplay is available at this time, but check back soon @pixelpine and at Facebook for more updates. Also look for more updates from Halo Waypoint.

A release date of Fall 2016 has been confirmed.

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Halo 2: Anniversary – Cinematic Trailer

Made by the folks at Blur, the Halo 2: Anniversary trailer showcases incredible visuals and outstanding effects throughout the cinematics of their Halo 2 remake. Blur has worked with the Halo theme in the past with Halo Wars and they clearly have done a fantastic job again.

Blur’s latest cinematic display is without question the best ever seen in the Halo franchise and objectively the best of all of their past works.

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