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Rockstar Editor coming to Xbox One and PS4 in upcoming update

The Rockstar Editor that made way for an abundance of GTA V fan-made videos and mini-movies is now coming to Xbox One and PS4 in the game’s upcoming update.

Rockstar announced the mode would be coming to consoles back in May, and in the latest reveal of the winner of the Ill Gotten Gains Video Contest it was announced that the update is finally coming.

The winner of the contest (seen below) takes viewers through a dark story showing both the glamour and the hardship of a life of crime.

Now console players can join in on the action expanding the competition for Rockstar’s video contests.

The Editor will be available for both single player and GTA Online giving players the ability to transform into amateur video makers with extensive access to characters, pedestrians, and animals. Players may manipulate and direct short clips however they see fit.

Rockstar has said the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the Editor will be specifically tailored for the limited processing power they have in comparison to high-end PCs.

While no specific date is known yet, more info will soon come regarding both the update and the video contest.

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A winter wonderland in Los Santos! | Rockstar updates Grand Theft Auto V Online for the Holiday season

Just as it did last year on the previous generation, the snow is piling up across Los Santos right now in Grand Theft Auto Online in honor of the holiday season.

This time around there’s some more to see with the return of the firework launcher, and the ability for players to pick up snowballs and stage some lighthearted wars amidst the typical destructive nature of the world.

Something about these snowballs is a bit crazy in itself too, as they can deal some pretty substantial damage for a fluffy ball of freezing. Depending on a players strength you can kill a pedestrian with a single good throw.

Along with the snowballs and wonderful updates to the scenery and vistas of the city, expect some tough driving conditions as roads are even more slick than what they typically are with rain, and some objects in the streets are covered by the layers of snow.

Some new cars, weapons, and gear are also available to players, while Rockstar promises some extras for those that check their inventory on Christmas day.

Rockstar Newswire: Festive Surprise
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Grand Theft Auto V’s first person mode detailed

A new view, a new game? Rockstar had initially unveiled their plans for first-person gameplay back in September, but what they’ve now revealed goes beyond what many had expected.

Rockstar’s newly released info shows that both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game will be running at 1080p, 30 FPS, and after watching the video above you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t amazed by the developer’s ability to create efficient games.

The smooth framerate and perfect HD output is only one-upped by how amazing the new perspective is. A first-person view point was an ambitious venture, but it seems Rockstar has done an excellent job with making the experience fit naturally into both the single-player and multiplayer of their (typically) third-person shooter.

Nothing about the FPS elements of the video appear jarringly out of place in anyway. The animations look fine, the detail to the weapons are great, and even zooming in to your scope seems to flow perfectly with the action.

Even the control scheme is afforded the means to be changed to the style of game you want to play. For those who want to try the game in this new view, you’ll be able to switch to typical FPS controls with the ability to left-click for sprint rather than tap A/X rapidly.

And once you begin the search for your getaway vehicle that first-person persepctive doesn’t go away. All vehicles will have their own unique dashboards with functional tachometers and radios to keep the immersion going.

But these are only some of the incredible additions to entice buyers into picking up GTA V upon it’s new-generation consoles release on November 18th.

New jobs, denser traffic flow, more diverse animal population, 150 new songs, character transfer upgrades, a variety of new visual effects, and a great deal of other upgrades will also be included in this new release.