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How to improve UI loading speeds on your Xbox One

If you struggle with slow loading times anywhere in the Xbox One UI, this switch may be just what you need.
If you struggle with slow loading times anywhere in the Xbox One UI, this switch may be just what you need.

For those of you have struggled with slow loading for apps and games on the Xbox One, one small fix may be the answer to your woes.

For some Xbox One users, slow loading times and average-below average internet connections can hinder the fluid experience the Xbox One’s interface is supposed to be.

If you’re having issues a switch to the Google DNS servers may show some dramatic improvements. Just manually enter the free public Google DNS server address ( into the advanced -network settings.

Why does it work? “Name resolution. When you go to your DNS servers are asking for which IP (the X.X.X.X number) from other servers. Some may have it locally cache others may have to search for it. If they know what it is with it cached it brings you there quicker. If it doesn’t, it has to ask another server and it takes longer to resolve.” – Alligatorterror

Here’s a break down of how to do it:

From the home screen -> Settings -> Network -> Advanced settings -> DNS settings ->manual

Once at the manual DNS entry page, input as your primary DNS, and as your seconday DNS.

After doing so you will likely notice a significant improvement in loading times for various apps and menus across the UI.

In my own tests after having my friends list take eight seconds to load with the automatic (ISP) DNS servers, my loading time dropped to less than three seconds.

Results may vary for others, and if you see your automatic DNS servers doing a quicker job loading the interface, by all means switch back.

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Explore the worlds of Destiny with “Planet View”

Destiny Planet View available right now lets fans explore Venus, Mars, and the Moon.
Destiny Planet View available right now lets fans explore Venus, Mars, and the Moon.

The power of Google street view comes to Destiny giving players the ability to explore the surfaces of the Solar System.

Nearly everyone knows of Google maps and how users are able to get up close to almost any destination on Earth. Bungie is taking advantage of this tech to do something no videogame has quite done before.

Players can get a first person perspective of the cities, backdrop, and structures of any of the planets within the future of our solar system to give a greater depth to the Destiny universe.

Fan can unlock hidden treasure scattered throughout the worlds and learn detailed info about the environments fans will soon be able to adventure within.

The treasure itself is fun to uncover, but viewing the beautiful skyboxes and landscapes of Mars and Venus make the web application well worth checking out.

Check out Planet View for yourself here!
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Twitch bought by Amazon for $970 million

Twitch looks like it will be in good hands with Amazon

Amazon seems to have surprised almost everyone with their newly acquired videogame-streaming platform.

For months it was speculated and nearly confirmed multiple times that Google would be purchasing and it had caused quite a bit of dissent among the twitch community.

Those who had expressed their concerns with Google purchasing the popular videogame streaming platform can rest easy. Amazon has purchased Twitch for a total just shy of $1 billion and the move looks to benefit both sides.

With over one million users and hundreds of millions of clips and videos on the site, CEO Emmet Shear has been able to create and evolve an outstanding service in just three years.

In an open letter to all users, Emmett Shear explained his excitement for the move.

“We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We’re keeping most everything the same: our office, our employees, our brand, and most importantly our independence. But with Amazon’s support we’ll have the resources to bring you an even better Twitch.”

The new found assets that Amazon can supply looks to make this an excellent deal for both Amazon and Twitch. Amazon has been known for their incredible customer support and will likely dismiss many of the worries regarding a new stringent copy-right system and will certainly reject the feared implementation of Google Plus-like comment system like that currently on Youtube.

Along with Amazon’s incredible server infrastructure the purchase should aid twitch immensely — especially since Twitch will be maintaining independence with Amazon making them a full-owned subsidiary.

As Amazon moves more toward the hardware business they’re certain to recognize the vast popularity of videogames within our culture and this move exemplifies that.