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Ep. 51 What Went Wrong With For Honor And Mass Effect Andromeda ?

Chris busted his ass and rants about for honor. Matt discusses about how Horizon zero dawn’s writing is a new standard for story telling.

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Ep. 48 February Fourplay

In this episode¬†Matt has finally started catching up on some of the better games he missed in 2016. Chris gives his impressions on for Honor and talks about what makes Nioh different and unique from the souls series. So it’s business as usual on the Platinum Achievement Podcast. Oh, and Matt and Chris agree to Platinum 4 games in February, one of which is Ratchet & Clank, which they have agreed to talk about when finished.

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EA Sports’ NHL series is poised to take a significant step forward from its last seven installments. The last time the series jumped from last-gen to next-gen we saw an incredible difference in gameplay and graphics. It looks like the same will be happening this time around.


While the most prominent difference is the graphical improvements, smaller stories lay behind these newly released screenshots.

What we know so far:

  • Two refs and two linesmen
  • Dynamic crowd — Super fans
  • Team celebrations
  • Multiple pucks on the ice(?) (Multiple pucks shown in first teaser trailer)

Anything you notice? Leave a comment!