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False Xbox’s Games with Gold August selection leaked on 4chan

At the start of July Microsoft rolled out one of their best months of Games with Gold yet on the Xbox One offering both Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and So Many Me — a campy and very fun indie game. Some speculation has arisen regarding how or if Microsoft will be able to top that and a rumor began to spread on supposedly leaking the Games with Gold for August.

The image on /v/ shows both Ryse Son of Rome: Legendary Edition and Slash Dash for the Xbox One as well as Fallout New Vegas and Catherine on the Xbox 360.

While the games rumored are not particularly outlandish, the likelihood that Ryse would include all of its DLC is unfortunately too good to be true.

In addition, Slash Dash has released less than a week ago and Microsoft has yet to handicap an indie title like this so abruptly after it’s initial release.

Perhaps the biggest giveaway is the incorrect Xbox 360 circle logo at the top left corner which is an older design using a darker gray.

This is the current Xbox 360 logo.
This is the current Xbox 360 logo.

Xbox’s Games with Gold will soon be officially revealed, and while there is still a glimmer of hope that this rumor could be true, it’s really just a blind shot in the dark. Check out MajorNelson’s blog for official word on what the next selection of free games will be.

Update: Phil Spencer confirmed that this is not August’s Games with Gold lineup.

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ID@Xbox game, Chariot, coming to Xbox One in October games with gold

It’s a suitable game for all ages, and certainly an excellent title for Xbox’s Games With Gold October offer — Frima Studios’ Chariot.

Chariot brings a relaxing and enjoyable game for everyone to enjoy as players join a princess and her fiance on a journey of puzzles and sword-fighting action all centered around the chariot you traverse the land in.

Players roll, tumble, swing, and push through underground caves as they search for the “perfect resting place for the King.”

The game is only enhanced by the couch co-op that gives players the opportunity to experience the game with a friend.

Chariot is due to release on both the Xbox One (October 1st) and Playstation 4 (September 30 US, October 22nd EU) next week, and has plans to come to Steam and the WiiU soon as well.