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Dying Light gameplay trailer revealed

Techland, the developer of the upcoming first-person shooter Dying Light, has revealed a new gameplay trailer just days before the start of Gamescom.

A massive open-world, an incredible variety of weapons, and an attempt to spur a meaningful story through the brutality involved is an exciting prospect for the zombie genre.

Techland’s recent “Humanity” trailer shows the company has a clear desire to bring a deeper emotional adventure for players to question and examine the narrative told.

The story only strengthens the excitement of the action unfolding within the game. Free-running through an open environment and implementation of unique lighting technology in the urban-setting are tremendous assets to creating an immersive world.

The lively traversal of terrain involving dramatic jumps across buildings, and quick shortcuts with ziplines and grappling hooks, the intensity of Dying Light never seems to die down.

Along with a planned four player co-op for player-multiplayer option to experience and enhance the immersion of the game together, there

While other zombie games have been released in the past, many have underwhelmed when compared to the potential the genre has. Dying Light’s balance of progressive and contemporary gameplay give good reason for zombie fans and gamers in general to be enthusiastic about Dying Light‘s February 2015 release on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.