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Return of the Dreamcast? Sega fans hopeful with latest petition

Sega was at one point a juggernaut in gaming competing with Nintendo, Sony, and perhaps for a very short time, the original Xbox. Today they are entwined in deep financial troubles, and have largely avoided the home console gaming market — instead focusing on mobile gaming.

But at the time of this writing 17,000 Sega fans have signed a petition on to bring back the last of the Sega home console systems in an updated HD form.

“The new console should have a new but similar design, wifi, wireless controllers (4 maximum) 720p or 1080p HD upscaling and HDMI output, internal 500g Hard Drive and a GD-Rom drive.” – petition

A Sega Dreamcast 2 concept design created in 2013 is being shown as the desired style on the petition page.
A Sega Dreamcast 2 concept design created in 2013 is being shown as the desired style on the petition page.

The idea is not particularly difficult to make a reality, but Sega Sammy’s first question will be whether it would be economically viable for an HD-capable remake of the 1998 console. The petition creator suggests an online store from which gamers can download the games, but concerns regarding DRM, server capacity, and understanding how to value the current showing of consumer interest will be the deciding factors for Sega.

Whether the struggling company is willing to make any real move on this petition is still a question mark with no response from them as of yet. For now Sega fans will have to hope that they’re able to draw enough attention to their cause to gain an official response.

Right now the original Dreamcast is available for as little as $34 on Amazon — albeit without any game discs. How that plays into how a system like this could be valued will be another factor for Sega to consider. How much is the average consumer willing to spend on a console that would release almost purely for the nostalgia factor?

Those who want sign the petition can do so here.

How much would you pay for an HD Dreamcast?

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Hucast Games is releasing more games for the Sega Dreamcast

HUCAST Games, a German based publisher, has been making video games for the 17 year old Sega Dreamcast console since 2009 and is still doing so today. Elansar and Philia, games that were originally available for PC/Mac/Linux and iOS/Google Play are being re-released as Elansar & Philia 2-Disc Edition coming out for the Sega Dreamcast August 2015.

Elansar is a point & click adventure game where you explore an island, uncover secrets, and solve puzzles. Philia is also a point & click adventure game, as well as the sequel to Elansar, that has three worlds to explore and more than 15 puzzles to solve.


The product page shows other features such as:

  • 640×480 High-res Resolution
  • 360° Panorama (for Philia)
  • Dreamcast Mouse support
  • Region Free

The game is now available for pre-order and will retail for 32.95 EUR or 36.35 USD at

Despite the fact that this console is two generations behind the current PS4 & Xbox One, the company seems to be pretty well off with 3 games that were available in standard, limited, and collector’s editions. In fact, HUCAST Games is releasing another game called Ghost Blade, which is set to be released September 17, 2015, as well as Redux 2, a sequel to the remake of their original 2009 game, which is currently in development. Both games will be released for the Sega Dreamcast.