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Bethesda E3 2015 conference starts tonight; Fallout 4, Doom 3, and more to be shown | Live Blog

Fallout 4’s latest trailer has enough buzz that Bethesda could focus solely on that for the entirity of their show, but some other great games are expected to be on the schedule for gamers to look out for.

E3 2015 will surely be off to a good of a start as it could be with Fallout 4 gameplay, Doom 3 news, and a rumored showing of Dishonored 2.

Nearly a year ago an allegedly former Bethesda employee leaked everything about Fallout 4 — we’ll all get to see if those leaks are true.

Check back here at 7 pm PT/8 pm EST for a link to the live conference hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb.

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11:22 pm — Show closes. Bethesda thanks fans with collectible figurines for all in attendance. More to be handed out in post-show with Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb.

11:20 pm — November release date confirmed. 11/10/2015

11:18 pm — More gameplay shown. Vats system improved.

11:16 pm — Combat a big emphasis for this fallout game.

11:15 pm — Weapon editing shown. Everything can be modified and changed extensively. Variety in weaponry will be fantastic.

11:14 pm — Players can also salvage for parts to create things to now build with. Everything in the game “has purpose.”

11:13 pm — Reiterated the world editing is completely optional.

11:13 pm — Take parts to develop your own settlements creating electrical circuits and towns to defend from.

11:12 pm — Everything runs in real time, in-game.

11:10 pm — Players can rebuild throughout the game and salvage parts to remake the world how they want it.

11:00 pm — App store game shown. Fallout Shelter available now!

10:57 pm — New in-game pip boy shown. Audio logs, mini-games, and more in a more fun to use interface

10:56 pm — Real pip-boy will go on sale with Fallout 4 Pip-boy edition!

10:55 pm — You wake up 200 years after the vault doors close. Your character is the sole survivor.

10:50 pm — You and your family shown making way to vault.

10:45 pmFallout 4 gameplay minor story background

10:37 pm — Female protagonist, Emily Caldwin, and incredible CGI

10:36 pm — Some new and returning powers seen with a very similar environment to the first game.

10:35 pm — Dishonored 2 is up

10:34 pm — Characters shown off and a bit of gameplay to boot.

10:32 pm — This isn’t Fallout. Battlecry is on now.

10:30 pm — Doom is awesome. Presentation closes. Now where’s Fallout 4!?

10:27 pm — Some more of the different demon types shown

10:25 pm — More gameplay. Shows some fittingly desolate demon-filled landscapes.

10:23 pm — Make your own maps and customize them however you want! (Snapmap)

10:21 pm — Doom multiplayer shown. Powerups and arena feel.

10:18 pm — Player just tears the hand off of a body. The type of gore that defined the Doom games is too as prevalent as ever.

10:16 pm — Hand-to-hand combat is very well done

10:15 pm — Game plays exactly how most would hope a new generation Doom game would play. Core of the game still has the overpowered “bad ass” feel.

10:13 pm — Doom gameplay shown off

10:11 pm — Executive Producer Marty Stratton discusses the foundation of Doom — “bad ass demons, big f’ing guns.”

10:10 pm — Bethesda kicks things off with Doom

10:07 pm — Pete Hines takes the stage for Bethesda

10:04 pm — Conference just now underway with a collection of Bethesda employee’s being showcased