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DayZ hits 3 million copies sold mark

Roughly a year since the standalone released on Steam Early Access by Bohemia Interactive, the popularity of the zombie-survival game DayZ can not be understated as it hit yet another milestone this week.

Growing from the popular ARMA II mod by Dean “Rocket” Hall, DayZ grew steadily from the start and by the time it was released as its own standalone product in December of 2013 the game was able to hit its first million copies sold within its first four weeks.

The multiplayer-focused zombie wasteland filled a hole in the zombie genre as the game brought an greater sense of realism with human needs like hunger and thirst needing to be tended to. Beyond the realistic game mechanics, the nature of a multiplayer world with players constantly struggling for survival creates a sense of intensity and contention between players.

Though the popularity of DayZ is great, Dean Hall has already elected to move on to new endeavors (though he has promises to continue supporting the title). Hall’s new projects with his own studio, RocketWerks, has no current public work to show, but he has suggested a vast variety of genres and styles to come in the future as he continues to build the studio.

DayZ is available on Steam for $34.99 and plans to bring the game to consoles have been in the works for some time, but no release date or time-frame has been announced as of yet.

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Dark Souls II wins Game of the Year; DayZ wins Best Original Game | Golden Joystick Awards 2014 winners revealed

Dark Souls' dark setting and art style help set the mood for one of the most intense games of the year.
Dark Souls’ dark setting and art style help set the mood for one of the most intense games of the year.

Dark Souls II and the intense challenge it brings to players, has been given the honor of Game of the Year.

With nine million voters this time around enticed by a free copy of X-Com: Enemy Unknown, GreenmanGaming and ComputerAndVideoGames’ award display had an assortment of winners, but The Last of Us: Left Behind, DayZ, and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag each tied for most awards in show (2).

From Software’s Dark Souls II won the most prestigious honor with the Game of the Year win. The difficult gameplay, dark style, and the intense online multiplayer were more than enough to entice the voters.

Future’s (Publisher of CVG) head of content and marketing for film, games and music, Declan Gough commended the event for it’s success.

“This year’s awards have been another triumph for both Future and the world of gaming. The fans have once again voted in their absolute masses with some categories literally coming down to the last hours of voting. The Joysticks have once again demonstrated the depth and quality of this market and something we are very proud to be part of.”

Here’s the full list of winners below:

Best Original Game in association with Digital Spy

Best Online Game in association with PC Gamer
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Best Storytelling
The Last of Us: Left Behind

Best Visual Design
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Best Audio in association with PDP
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Playfire Most Played Game of the Year

Best Multiplayer in association with Absolute Radio
Battlefield 4

Best Indie Game in association with Official X-Box Magazine

Innovation of the Year in association with T3
Oculus Rift DK2

Best Gaming Moment in association with Sony Xperia Z3
The Last of Us: Left Behind – “The kiss”

Best Handheld Game
Pokemon X & Y

Best Mobile Game in association with Kiss FM
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Most Wanted in association with The Sun
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Gaming Personality of the Year in association with Kotaku UK

Studio of the Year in association with CVG
Ubisoft Montreal

Gaming Platform of the Year in association with GamesRadar

Lifetime Achievement
Hideo Kojima

Game of the Year in association with Green Man Gaming
Dark Souls II

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DayZ being ported to Playstation 4

DayZ evolved to one of the most popular PC games today starting as a mod for Arma 2.
DayZ evolved to one of the most popular PC games today starting as a mod for Arma 2.

Though details haven’t been released, Dean “Rocket” Hall has announced that DayZ, the popular zombie-surivival originally derived from the Arma 2 mod, is coming to Playstation 4. No time frame was revealed for when to expect the release as of yet.

Dean Hall has expressed his interest in the past for porting his game to Xbox One and Playstation 4, and though it is still being worked on today, it seems he’s been able to strike a deal with Sony.