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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Supply Drops” Available April 7 on PS4

If you’ve taken the road less traveled when purchasing your next-gen console and chose to take the Xbox One route, then this shouldn’t raise any eyebrows as you’ve had this luxury for over a month now. But if you’re like me and simply enjoy a gaming console over a home-family entertainment system (someone had to say it), then let your eyebrow rise.

Starting April 7th, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare will have purchasable supply drops available in the in-game store. Each supply drop will contain three items designed to improve your armory and give additional customization to your operator.

If you don’t like the items you receive, each individual one can be cashed in for XP. Prices will be $1.99 for a single supply drop or $5.99 for three. You can choose to buy a package of 5 for $9.99 that also includes one free additional drop or if you plan on being a big spender, there are options for you. For $19.99 you can purchase 10 drops with 3 bonus ones added (13 total) or for $39.99 you can have 20 supply drops with eight added bonus ones (28 total).


There is some controversy over having purchasable supply drops. The first being fairness. Before supply drops were purchasable there was already the argument that they create an unfair advantage for those lucky enough to receive boosted armory in them. Now that they are purchasable the idea of “Pay to Win” starts to take a stronger role.

But let’s be honest here, does Sledgehammer Games and Activision care? Probably not, I’m sure they’re fine with the money that will be flowing in from the PS4 crowd.

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Fast gameplay, abstract setting, and quality multiplayer — the new trademarks of top shooters

Advanced Warfare brings some of the biggest changes to the Call of Duty franchise since COD 4.
Advanced Warfare brings some of the biggest changes to the Call of Duty franchise since  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare releasing just last week, the highly publicized release of Destiny back in September, and the popularity of Titanfall on the Xbox One, it seems nearly all shooters — especially first-person shooters — are following similar blue-prints to success.

Two generations ago it was Medal of Honor and Call of Duty leading the World War II trend, but now a fast-paced shooter with imaginative environments that also offers a great multiplayer to boot are becoming the hallmarks of the best games on the new generation.

The release of Titanfall brought a very quick and dynamic approach to traversal while also executing the core elements of a typical FPS. Though the game lacked a truly immersive story, the gameplay was — and still is — spectacular. Many similar gameplay qualities are seen in the new Call of Duty and other games outside the FPS genre are attempting to take a different approach to movement in general; see Sunset Overdrive.

And while it certainly isn’t a new specific setting, more games are looking towards more abstract worlds that grant the developers greater freedom in their approach to game design. This is a definite positive for the industry and giving devs more freedom will certainly lead to some incredible worlds to explore down the road.

Titanfall's fast traversal and its alterations from the standard FPS help it stand out.
Titanfall’s evasion from the typical FPS style help it stand out.

Titanfall has been following this track, Advanced Warfare is now taking this track, and other games to come are bringing more complex environments and exotic stories to gaming as well. Quantum Break, Infamous, Sunset Overdrive, and even a game like The Order 1886 are also taking more liberties in their development with gameplay characteristics that make them truly stand our among the rest.

More freedom, more ideas, better games.

These trends look to be lasting long enough to alter the direction of other major developers and publishers as well.

Halo 5’s release next year could look to build on this recent trend by evolving their own style of play.

Will we see wall-running and grinding for Master Chief or Agent Locke? Probably not, but perhaps a greater emphasis on the jet-pack will be incorporated into the campaign this time around to match the flow that other developers are taking.

Since Halo: Reach the series has been adding various alterations to how players can make their ways throughout the game with sprinting, jet packs, gravity lifts, and more vehicles in the multiplayer. It would make sense to see a bit more of it added into the story given this recent trend, but the overall multiplayer experience would be best to stay in tune with the likes of Halo 2 and 3.

Ensuring the multiplayer lives up to expectations is crucial and tinkering with the experience too much could lead to some less-than-happy fans. Given how crucial a solid multiplayer is now, the envisioning of a game with the aforementioned qualities along with a great multiplayer being the metaphorical cherry on top is the desire for a lot of the major developers right now — and that’s a great thing to see.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Pro and Atlas Limited edition revealed

Two special editions of the upcoming installment in the Call of Duty franchise have been revealed. The $79.99 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Limited Edition will give fans a combination of both digital and tangible bonuses.

What’s included:

  • A re-envisioned Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map (Pipeline)
  • The Atlas: Advanced Soldier Manual. The manual features both concept art, game history, and tactical strategies players may utilize in-game.
  • The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare soundtrack.
  • A steel game-case with “premium in-game artwork.”

Digital add-ons:

  • Two additional weapons (Bal-27 AE Assault Rifle and the Atlas 45 AE Pistol) available for use in multiplayer.
  • A custom character skin — dubbed the “Atlas Exoskelton.”
  • Custom in-game helmet to use.
  • An Atlas player card showcased to your victims in the multiplayer kill-cam.
  • Five supply-drops to outfit players with additional multiplayer weapons and upgrades.
  • An Exoskeleton Upgrade Token: (“Over the course of Campaign mode, players unlock exoskeleton perks and abilities that help tackle various obstacles and challenges.”)

The “complete package,” $119.99 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Pro Edition will give fans everything above as well as the Advanced Warfare season pass.