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A BMX game in the works — BMX: The Game playable pre-alpha released

BMX: The Game, and its developer’s endeavors to create a BMX game that rivals the likes of Skate with regards to mechanics and gameplay, is finally showing some progress.

While the release of their pre-alpha seems to have plenty of glitches and bugs that render the game unplayable for some, one youtube user, MaTSix, was able to get the sneak-peek of the game running relatively smoothly with a beefed-up PC gaming rig.

From both the official updates and MaTSix’s videos those who are hopeful for the game to take off may have reason to remain optimistic. While BMX: The Game failed in it’s initial attempts at funding for the title, but the Unity3D based gameplay looks to be taking some strides in development.

The physics look decent, but the visuals are tough to judge at such an early point in the game’s lifespan.

Clearly optimization must be a priority for Barspin Studios moving forward, but seeing how they’ve been working on this game for well over a year, their dedication to creating a great experience is telling that they will get this game up and running more fluently for everyone — but how long must the BMX riders and video game lovers wait?

Well it will likely depend on how much support they are given. Currently, Barspin Studios has a pre-order goal of 5000 games with the basic pre-order costing $25 with intervals costing all the way up to $950 for more and more advanced features and offers. (That $950 price tag will get you a spot as an in-game character.)

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MaTSix’s recorded gameplay: