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Rainbow Six Siege beta codes rolling out now

For those that signed up for the closed Rainbow Six Siege beta the access codes are being rolled out now in emails. The beta was open for sign-up back in late March — soon after the closing of the closed alpha.

The last alpha showed the game still had quite a ways to go with unfinished textures, lackluster lighting, and other general gameplay gaffes. Not particularly out of the ordinary for an alpha version of the game, but fans will certainly be hoping for better things in the closed beta that will become available September 24.

This beta will be coming oddly close to the game’s full launch October 13, 2015. It’s questionable how many problems uncovered during the beta could be patched and fixed within that 2-3 week span.

Those who have a code are prompted to head to where they can select their platform of choice and enter their beta code. Ubisoft will then send another email at a later date with more instructions pertaining to setting things up.

Rainbow Six Siege will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and will retail at $59.99. Gamers who have preordered the game will also receive closed beta access.

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Get ready for the Halo 5 beta; Coming early to Xbox One preview members

Despite the dismal launch of the Master Chief Collection (albeit it has certainly improved since release), Xbox One fans, and specifically Halo fans should find some greater redemption in their purchase with a Halo 5 beta early access starting this weekend for the Xbox One preview members.

343 Industries has had a tough go as of late, but showcasing the progress of Halo 5 is certain to get some greater support from fans. Halo 5 is due to bring a more arena-style feel to the game as it did with the earlier titles, and is shown to have a more similar experience to that of Halo 2 in regards to leveling and ranking.

Some new gameplay tweaks like the hindered sprinting ability, and the change to an “aim-down-the-sights” mechanic for every gun should give Halo 5 a very unique twist while also maintaining the core Halo gameplay elements.

Along with some new guns, abilities, and different maps, Halo 5’s first semi-public showing should have quite a bit to see.

For anyone with the Master Chief Collection, the early-access will be open from December 19th to December 21st. The public Halo 5 beta will start on December 29th and end on January 18th for everyone else.

Check back on Saturday at 10 p.m. on my stream to see my first experience of the beta!
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Destiny preorders on pace for a new IP record

Destiny's beta helped Activision and Bungie create a lot of buzz for the game's September release.
Destiny’s beta helped Activision and Bungie create a lot of buzz for the game’s September release.

Activision/Blizzard’s second quarter financial results release shows that there is good reason for the tremendous amount of excitement surrounding Destiny.

The quarterly report makes very exciting news for investors and fans of the game in general. “…we believe [Destiny] will be the largest new intellectual property launch in videogame history…” the release reported

The company states that current pace for preorders is “tracking towards an industry record.” With 4.6 million gamers playing just the beta (the largest new console IP beta ever), the company will almost certainly reach their expectations.

With the confidence from the developer and the wide-spread fondness for the game from fans, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg spoke to the company’s plan to move forward with Destiny.

“we learned a lot by watching players engage with the game and hearing their feedback and Bungie is now making tweaks to optimize the game … I would describe these as tweaks and not major changes as we saw the fundamentals of the game to be very strong.”

Hirshberg also noted that feedback for the game was “nearly universally positive.” So for the very few fans that may have any gripes with the game and were hoping for change, you’re likely going to be let down.

However for the rest of Destiny fans, the hype for the September 9th release of the FPS is very much justified.

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Head to the moon in the Destiny beta!

Playstation's twitter feed shows a look at the new moon gameplay in the Destiny Beta
Playstation’s twitter feed shows a look at the new moon gameplay in the Destiny Beta

With only one day presumably left of the Destiny’s beta, Bungie is giving players limited-time access to the moon and additional missions to explore.

The developer is currently trying to test their servers capacity and trying to gauge how prepared they are for the full release and those who logged on during their test period earlier today received a unique nameplate for playing.


While the Beta is rumored to close tomorrow, Bungie has yet to define a definite end.

The Destiny Beta ends when we say it ends. For days now, press releases have circulated that foretold of the end on July 27th. The Wolf, our Theoretical Physicist, has told me that he wants some room to maneuver close to the conclusion of our little social experiment. So, I’m not telling you exactly when. Please play until we nail this thing shut.

The beta is currently free on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 and will have its full release on consoles September 9th, this year.