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YouTuber Jackfrags shines light on the most obscure easter egg ever in Battlefield 4

Almost every game has some fun little side quests, items, stories, characters, or other little seemingly unnoticeable tidbits that have some heightened purpose outside of the core of the game. These easter eggs are fantastic for gamers to explore and find, but it seems one engineer at DICE LA, Julian Manolov, has taken it to the next level.

DICE has recently released the long awaited map Dragon Valley for Battlefield 4, and with it is perhaps the most intricate easter egg process ever constructed. Players are tasked with solving a logic puzzle encompassing the entire map forcing players to travel to every corner of it to flick switches in an attempt to solve a logic puzzle regarding the central building’s lights.

But this is not where things end. It gets even more complex when the player is eventually able to solve the puzzle and unlock a subsequent clue leading to a morse code message communicated through the lights.

After switching maps to Zavod: Graveyard shift and searching for the next clue players find an obscure, distorted audio clip referencing “Little birdie legs” — a piece from the fan-made YouTube series Battlefield Friends.

Continuing to follow the instructions and with some creative thinking a code can be deciphered by multiplying the numerical values of the letters in Little Birdy.

Inputting the result into a keypad at the original central building gives players a unique code for access to an extremely exclusive DICE LA camo.

Check out Jackfrag’s complete breakdown below

Is this the best easter egg ever? Are there crazier easter eggs you know about? Leave a comment below!

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DICE and EA tag their future project with Battlefield 4

“The road ahead for Battlefield 4” is now being realized as DICE and EA are planning a community-made map that will take fan-input into how to design and construct a Battlefield 4 multiplayer map.

This new content-development project will have developers and fans consistently in contact giving feedback on how the level is progressing.

Each week a Community Test Environment will be updated and tuned for Battlefield 4 Premium members to try out and respond to the changes.

At the end of this development period the map will be a free download on all platforms.

Besides the community map, a new update will improve the netcode and other minor technical issues in the Winter Update coming this March. Also changing is the primary gamemode of the game itself as well. Now Squad Obliteration will be the lead competitive mode as DICE seems to be hoping for greater streaming publicity.

Our ambition with Squad Obliteration is to create something fast and challenging for the players and an entertaining experience for those who watch the matches. – Battlefield Battlelog

Squad Obliteration brings a faster-pace in 5-on-5 action and with both teams fighting to destroy two opposing bases with bombs.

More updates are to come in regards to when the community map will start being developed.