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Confirmed: the Wii U will have Pokkén Tournament

Confirmed during the Pokémon World Championship in Boston, Pokkén Tournament will be playable on the Nintendo Wii U Spring 2016. Pokkén Tournament is currently playable on arcades in Japan only but it has been mentioned that the game would be tested in the United States at specific Dave & Buster’s locations. Vice President of Dave & Buster’s, Kevin Bachus, had stated during a Reddit AMA in July,

“Yes. We will be testing Pokken. Candidly both NAMCO and I are more optimistic about that title and our typical guests than Tekken.”

The Dave & Buster’s locations that will be testing Pokkén Tournament still have yet to be disclosed, so Pokémon fans will have stay alPT Machampert for more information.

You can watch a Pokkén Tournament Championship that is currently taken place in Boston at

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Blaziken busting out combustible combos in Pokkén Tournament

Watch a new gameplay video featuring the just announced Blaziken entering the brawling arena of Pokkén Tournament.

Pokkén Tournament is a new 3D-fighting game featuring Pokémon fighting each other using the gameplay mechanics of the Tekken series. This collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Bandai Namco was released July 16, 2015 in arcades in Japan.

With this addition to the roster, there are now nine Pokémon as playable fighters and six assist characters.

International release plans are currently in the works with a probable release on the the Nintendo Wii U.

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Release date for Bandai Namco’s motorcycle racer “RIDE” | Coming Spring 2015

With over 100 bikes available — many brand-name — Bandai Namco’s realisitic motorcycle game RIDE is now confirmed for a 2015 Spring release.

The game’s developer, Milestone S.r.L, claims to revolutionize the motorized bike genre with their first IP by ensuring plenty of vehicle and rider customization and a variety of historic tracks, cities, and landmarks to race through.

The bikes will come in four subsets: Superbikes, Supersports, Naked, and Historical Bikes.

RIDE is releasing on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.