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Latest Mad Max trailer shows off in-game universe

Developed by Avalanche Studios and Warner Bros Interactive, Mad Max is reasonably expected to have a high level of turmoil going by the movie’s standards, and the latest trailer shows off exactly that in its launch trailer.

The game is being run on the same engine as Shadow or Mordor and Batman Arkham Knight so the gameplay is very similar, but the added energetic style with an overabundance of explosions and hand-to-hand combat give Mad Max a very definable and differentiating feel relative to those games.

While the universe is the same as that of the movie, this story takes players through a different narrative. Though Mad Max still “does what he does best” in the game in both combat and car customization — one of the more iconic aspects of the franchise.

The vehicle is a players best friend in this post-apocalyptic open-world desert so Avalanche Studios has been certain to include plenty of options and ways to tinker your car to make it your own.

Mad Max is available now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC.

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The chaotic freedom of Just Cause 3 shown in new screenshots

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Open world freedom with insane physics-defying stunts and actions has always been the mantra for Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause series, and some recently released screenshots show more of the same in Just Cause 3.

With the same grappling tool that makes the Just Cause game a unique open-world experience, the third installment of the series as Rico Rodqiguez takes the reins again with a new addition — a wing-suit.

The wing suit will add a whole new dynamic of exploration in addition to the various vehicles and weapons at Rico’s disposal.

Just Cause 3 is due for a 2015 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Gameinformer December cover confirms Just Cause 3 2015 release

Gameinformer December issue will detail more of what we'll see in Just Cause 3.
Gameinformer December issue will detail more of what we’ll see in Just Cause 3.

The beautiful open worlds that has always been prevalent in the Just Cause games is coming to the new generation (PS4, Xbox One, PC).

Avalanche Studio’s last release over four years ago improved on its predecessor immensely, and this upcoming release definitely looks visually incredible.

While there were some concerns after leaked screenshots suggested micro-transactions may be incorporated into the game, Avalanche Studios addressed the rumor directly.

“To be perfectly clear: Just Cause 3 will be available in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. It will be distributed as a retail box and digital download. It is not a Free To Play game. It does not feature in-game micro transactions.” – Christofer Sundberg

Sundberg goes on to say that there will likely be DLC and add-ons, but the first release will be a “huge, fully packed and extremely rewarding experience.”

The setting of the game looks to be similar with a Mediterranean city displayed in the background along with a variety of other environments like vast valleys and mountains as well — much like the world of the last Just Cause.

A new wing-suit is also revealed as well another character trait that will change up the experience to give the game its own feel.

More details to come soon.

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