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Angry Birds getting sad; Rovio announce job cuts amid recent struggles

Mobile gaming is the most popular subdivision of video gaming thanks to its convenience and ease of access on Android and iOS. One of those first games aiding the mobile phone gaming rise was Angry Birds back in 2013 from Rovio Entertainment.

The 2D puzzle game by Rovio reached incredible heights expanding to toys, tv series, and a feature length film as well as a source of inspiring life changing zen (weird).

But now the game company has plateaued and there needs to be a new approach for Rovio to maintain their place as a major developer in the mobile gaming market, and one of the elements included in their plan going forward is 200+ job cuts.

Negotiations ensued between Rovio and its workers, and though they initially projected 260 cuts for “redundancies,” that number was cut down to 213 after those talks.

The official statement from Rovio is below.

“Rovio Entertainment will restructure and concentrate its activities around three primary business areas: games, media and consumer products. The negotiations applied to the whole organization, excluding those working on the production of the The Angry Birds Movie in the United States and Canada. The company will actively provide career support for those made redundant as a result of the reorganization.”