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Alien: Isolation provides increased difficulty options with new update

The general reaction to Alien: Isolation had mixed impressions, with some desiring greater intensity, immersion, and a tougher game overall, others wanted a more relaxed experience with plentiful ammunition and less daunting Alien to fight.

The Creative Assembly, developer of the FPS, has elected to offer game modes for both of these groups. One dubbed “Nightmare mode” and the other, “Novice mode.”

Nightmare Mode’s name is very fitting with a much grittier and more exposed gameplay experience. The Alien is smarter, more aggressive, and offers no additional chances for players. Other enemies, like androids and survivors, are also more difficult to deal with.

While the enemies are tougher, the environment and your available resources are also handicapped. Less fuel, ammo, and items are at the player’s disposal. The fuel you are able to scavenge for your flamethrower will burn quicker, and the ammo you have must be cherished as survivors no longer drop any bullets.

One of the most noticeable traits to the game mode is the broken motion tracker. What was once your most important resource, is now often corrupt with inconsistent information and a distorted signal.

The Novice mode flips the script in relation to Nightmare mode. More ammo, easier enemies, and a slower and dumbed down Alien make for a game mode that is less intimidating experience.

The update is available December 9th for free on all platforms.

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