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Fast-paced arena eSport game #IDARB releases for free on Xbox One

I Drew A Red Box was what the game began as during its developmental stages, and overtime it has expanded into a fast-paced, multiplayer eSport game.

The devs, Other Ocean, elected to continue with the name #IDARB, and today the title has just been released on the Xbox One — two days earlier than expected.

The 16-bit styled game is being brought to the console in the February “Games with Gold” monthly promotion from Microsoft.

The game offers a rapid-action 2-8 player multiplayer experience with highly customizable features. Everything from the character you play as, to the game’s own theme music can be altered to whatever the player desires.

A console with local players can take on another console with a matching number of local players online (couch vs couch) in 1v1 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 battles.