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Sunset TV reveals the “Overdrive system” for Sunset Overdrive | More details

Insomniac’s upcoming open-world third-person shooter is constantly broadcasting the absurd and nonsensical nature of their game, but their latest reveal shows players will have some customizable structure to their character as they traverse the chaotic world.

The latest episode of Sunset TV shows that players will be able to collect “badges” to fine-tune their character to adhere to a specific subset of traits that each player prefers. The badges, gathered through doing nearly anything in the game, allow players to emphasize their own unique gamestyle along with their personalized character.

— Speaking of personalization, the tail end of the video shows another look at just how diverse the appearance options are within Sunset Overdrive. Multiple body types, ethnicities, and a crazy amount of facial features… including women with beards.

The insanity just never ends with Sunset Overdrive, and that’s what makes it so highly anticipated.