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Sony teams with Spotify to create Playstation Music

Spotify and Sony have announced today a new partnership and service coming soon to PS4, PS3, and Xperia devices — Playstation Music.

This new service is expected to function more or less the same as Spotify currently works, but some minor tweaks and changes make the service work smoothly with the consoles.

The new service adds some well-appreciated features such as the ability to play your own favorite music in the background as you play (only on PS4) — similar to how it has operated since the USB background music update from back in October.

No definitive date was set for the release, but Spring 2015 is when gamers from the 41 markets it will be available in can expect it to start popping up on the specified platforms.

Playstation Music will be coming to PS4, PS3, and Xperia devices, but there is still no word on when the PS Vita will be getting the service — if at all.