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Setting up next-gen Halo success

Halo 2 alone could entice millions to pick up the Masterchief collection
Halo 2 alone could entice millions to pick up the Masterchief collection

A new generation of consoles also comes with a new generation of gamers, and a lot of them have yet to have a proper introduction into the Halo universe.

That time is soon to arrive as the Masterchief Collection is released November 11 this year.

While some may think the Masterchief Collection will be catered to the former fans of the franchise, the game has an even greater purpose. Incorporating all four main Halo games (Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4) will set the stage for a new generation to get excited for Halo 5 and future games of the franchise.

The long-term success of Halo on the Xbox One is crucial to how well received this upcoming installment is. Everyone can rightfully assume that with just Halo 2’s remake alone it is almost impossible for this game to fail.

With a new forge mode for Halo 2, an updated multiplayer experience across all games, and a Halo 5 beta, all for only $60, this collection is not only prepared to be a block buster hit, but a console selling masterpiece.

For Halo fans, one of the most exciting aspects of this revamped universe will be how this game leads to others. This may very well open the door to a new Halo Wars, a Halo:ODST, or maybe something entirely new.

Halo Wars itself is a very likely candidate to also get a reboot as well. Though it was somewhat disappointing in regards to popularity, the lack of strategy games on consoles leaves an entire demographic of gamers hungry for a quality RTS.

Phil Spencer was particular to the idea himself:

Halo’s Development Director, Frank O’Conner, heavily hinted the prospective game as well.

343 Industries will certainly be exciting to follow with all the directions that their franchise could expand and grow.

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