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Rockstar’s GTA V heists update results in graphical downgrade

After a long wait for Rockstar’s heists game mode to make its first appearance in the Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer it seems some technical errors were still prominent in the most recent update. Xbox One and PS4 players seem to have reverted back to some of the outdated Xbox 360 and PS3 graphical effects, and other older gameplay mechanics.

Though it has worried some fans that the worsened visuals were intentionally implemented by Rockstar, the developer has clarified that this is a temporary glitch that will be fixed as soon as possible.

List of issues since the version moved from 1.00 to 1.08 (Heists update).

– Parallax occlusion mapping omitted in recent patch leaving depth within textures looking flat.

– Popping effects are worsened with objects suddenly appearing more fequently

– Anisotropic filtering making textures look worse as viewing angles of specific entities change

– Vehicle collisions are also notably different as well with cars not being majorly dented as they normally would. Scratches, blasted windows, and car parts such as doors or bumpers fall off as they are expected to, but deformities in the car’s structure are no longer in the new patch.

Rockstar has assured a new patch is on the way, but the developer’s current support team and suggestions are leaving gamers with mixed answers. Many are being suggested by Rockstar support to reinstall the most recent update to correct the issue. However, this “fix” seems to not correct the issue for most people and most will have to wait for Rockstar’s next patch to resurrect the full graphical fidelity of GTA V on the current generation consoles.

Check out the video below to see the difference between the old and new visuals/gameplay: