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Rockstar introduces “editor” for Grand Theft Auto V

After almost two years since its initial release on Xbox 360 and PS3, Rockstar is still adding features to Grand Theft Auto V, and as they gear up for the new PC release the developer looks to add a major new gameplay component — a video editor.

The Rockstar Editor will be available for both the single player and GTA Online and will give video makers extensive access to characters, pedestrians, and animals to utilize in the “Director Mode.” This sub-category of the editor can let players stage their own specific movie sequence with customizable video and audio options.

GTA V Rockstar Editor
Piece together your clips after you’ve finished shooting.

The entire process operates in a similar manner as iMovie or Adobe Premiere — but a bit more simplified. After recording your clips you can create “whatever you can dream up.” Whether that be full fledged movies, montages, or a short-story type film; players will have a wide array of options when using the editor with various filters, detailed image manipulation options, a great selection of camera angles, and quick jumps to any location on the map.

Even time of day, weather, and pedestrian/vehicle density will be controlled by the players to help create the ultimate video game movie making experience.

The feature will be immediately available as GTA V releases officially on PC April 14 for $59.99.

2 thoughts on “Rockstar introduces “editor” for Grand Theft Auto V

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