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Rocket League to release in February on Xbox One

Winner of the The Game Awards’ Indie Game of the Year trophy, Rocket League is now slated to come to the Xbox One in February — roughly six months after it officially released on PS4 and PC.

The developers at Psyonix announced the news Thursday at The Game Awards and revealed a few small add-ons for the Xbox One version including some Halo and Gears of War themed vehicles.

Rocket League is one of the fastest growing games on PS4 with gameplay unlike any other game currently out. The third-person “racing” game isn’t actually a racing game despite the sole use of cars, trucks, and other more exotic vehicles. Players are faced against each other in either 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or “Chaos” 4v4 matches with rocket propulsion outfitting the hunks of metal flying at each other at 100 mph with one objective — score. Players are needed to push a giant soccer ball into a goal to score. In this sense, it functions much more like an sports game rather than a racing game.

Xbox One gamers have been missing out on this game’s frenetic action and competitive excitement for far too long and the reveal should certainly be exciting for those gamers, but there is one catch that makes the Xbox version stand out among the PS4 and PC iterations.

There will be no cross-platform play available. PS4 and PC players have been (and will continue to be) able to play with each other, but because of restrictions from Microsoft cross-platform play is not currently permitted on Xbox One.