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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 returns to horror

In a short look at Resident Evil Revelations 2 it seems that it is definitely going back to what made the original games so successful.

Some new playable gameplay was revealed at the NY Comic Con event Thursday, and Resident Evil Revelations 2 looks to continue to build off of the core of Revelations 1.

With the way Resident Evil games have been gravitating toward the action-shooter genre, it was refreshing to see a slower pace and a darker feel return to the series with Revelations 2.

Claire Redfield’s (joined by Moira Burton) return as a main character is looking promising. Her last full-game, Code Veronica was released nearly 15 years ago, and as her brother Chris has been evolving before our eyes, she has been for the most part out of the picture.

Claire and Moira’s characters alone helps bring back the classic feel, and while Claire is certainly a vet of the zombie infested world by now, she isn’t quite as physically intimidating as Chris. The character styles and backgrounds make them tough, but more vulnerable — and that adds to exemplifying the horror elements of the game.

Though it’s not just her character weaponry is limited this time around, and shooting is not as precise. You don’t feel like you can take on an entire horde at any moment. Claire takes just a moment to really steady her gun for an accurate shot.

Claire and Moira's experience in Revelations 2 greatly differs from that of the other recent games.
Claire and Moira’s experience in Revelations 2 greatly differs from that of the other recent games.

For most of the game, it shares many general qualities with Resident Evil 4. The movement, arsenal, and pace of action are similar to that of the 2005 title.

While the available gameplay to preview is still limited, you may even have less ammo and weapons than Leon Kennedy did. The demo didn’t have a focus on the shooting elements — for the most part it set the tone of what to expect.

The release is still slated for “early 2015,” but with the remake of the original Resident Evil is coming next year as well, it seems all zombie-lovers will get their fix in the coming year.

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