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Resident Evil Revelations 2 leaked on

Capcom hasn’t officially announced anything — nor has Microsoft — but a listing on revealed that Resident Evil Revelations 2 is at least in the works for Capcom.

Capcom looks like it will be releasing its first new generation Resident Evil game soon.
Nothing is official right now, but french gaming site “Gamer in a box” was first to report on the leaked screenshot and Boxart.

Resident Evil Revelations began on the Nintendo 3DS, and after gaining popularity on the mobile-gaming platform, it moved to the likes of the Xbox 360, WiiU and Playstation 3. Now, two years after the initial release, we see a glimpse of a sequel coming to at least the Xbox 360 with the game’s box art and a single screenshot being leaked on

Biohazard is the title the Japanese know the Resident Evil series by.

The single screenshot certainly gives off the typical Resident Evil vibes with the dark and bleak setting which should be enough to get fans of the franchise excited. While it isn’t known exactly which consoles it will be coming to (other than the Xbox 360), it’s not too far-reached to say that it will be coming to the new-generation platforms.

Now, given the game is being developed with home-consoles in mind from the start, the quality of the game is sure to take a huge jump over its predecessor with a much greater amount of development resources waiting to be taken advantage of this time around.

No details were able to be grabbed regarding a release date or any of the game’s features/details, but Capcom will certainly formally address the new Resident Evil soon.

The leak comes only a few weeks after Capcom’s official announcement of a remake for the original Resident Evil.