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Remember Cube World? The game’s creator has re-surfaced with game related content

If you haven’t heard of Cube World over the last two years it’s certainly understandable, but for those who remember the excitement the title generated up until its Alpha release in July 2013 there’s been little-to-no updates regarding the game’s developmental progress.

But on Sunday the game’s creator, Wol-lay, posted some new audio tracks for the procedurally-generated open-world game. Cube World draws much of its style from Minecraft’s cuboid look but with a much heavier focus on its RPG elements and dynamic combat.

Cube World offers more direct quest lines for players to experience and much more immersive towns with a more fleshed out upgrade and shop system. However, the ambitions of the project looked far too extensive for one person to handle and the frequency with which Wollay was able to churn out updates slowed drastically throughout 2013/2014.

There have been stretches where many people doubt whether any development is even going on, but just when it seems the project is dead there’s some piece to give fans some glimmer of hope that this game may one day be finished.

Cube World: Druids of Mana is the title of the newly released audio track for the game. The last time any audio track was posted to Wol_lay’s soundcloud was over two years ago.

Check out the new track below.