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Reddit app comes to Xbox One

The new reddit app for Xbox One is just one of 45+ entertainment apps due to come to the console by the end of the year.

ReddX, currently available on the Xbox One store, brings the extraodinarily popular social-network/user supported news site to the big screen. With an easy access image viewer, embedded youtube videos, and voice command functionality entirely built in, the app is surprisingly in-depth.

Majornelson poses as scumbag steve — one of the most popular internet memes today.

Even achievements are available on the free app and they add a nice personal touch in the achievement screen. Xbox Live’s MajorNelson poses in the style of various memes (and it looks delightfully hilarious).

Snap functionality will also be included, those who enjoy watching live streams on twitch, viewing sports, and certainly many others will find the app very useful to snap along side your main content.

With an app like ReddX coming to Xbox One it’s a good sign to see the console’s app library expand to more general apps, though right now the application is subject to occasional advertisement videos that temporarily interrupt users as they browse the app.

Still, ReddX has been generally very well-received and is an awesome addition for reddit users and Xbox One owners alike.