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Rainbow Six Siege beta codes rolling out now

For those that signed up for the closed Rainbow Six Siege beta the access codes are being rolled out now in emails. The beta was open for sign-up back in late March — soon after the closing of the closed alpha.

The last alpha showed the game still had quite a ways to go with unfinished textures, lackluster lighting, and other general gameplay gaffes. Not particularly out of the ordinary for an alpha version of the game, but fans will certainly be hoping for better things in the closed beta that will become available September 24.

This beta will be coming oddly close to the game’s full launch October 13, 2015. It’s questionable how many problems uncovered during the beta could be patched and fixed within that 2-3 week span.

Those who have a code are prompted to head to where they can select their platform of choice and enter their beta code. Ubisoft will then send another email at a later date with more instructions pertaining to setting things up.

Rainbow Six Siege will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and will retail at $59.99. Gamers who have preordered the game will also receive closed beta access.