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The most action-packed podcast brought to you by a community of fun loving gamers from around the world.

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Episode 1

On our premiere episode of The Platinum Achievement Podcast our pod-people get to meet our co-hosts and listen to their thoughts on their first online gaming experience and video game life before the internet.


Episode 2

We’ve found Brian! Episode 2 of the The Platinum Achievement Podcast introduces your fifth co-host and includes an extensive discussion of virtual reality amid the recent Oculus Rift news. Also hear our thoughts on our potential game of the year candidates and what it’s like talking video games with non-gamers.


Special Episode | Mike Simmons Interview

On this special episode of The Platinum Achievement Podcast our pod people get to meet Mike Simmons AKA Roughdawg4, one of the top trophy collectors on the PlayStation network. Listen in to hear the staggering trophy-collecting numbers associated with him including how many games he has platinumed and the platform he uses to reach the incredible number of games played.


Episode 3

Revenge of the Chris! Episode 3 of The Platinum Achievement Podcast brings the most action yet with six co-hosts sharing the spotlight including a special guest — one of the top PlayStation trophy collectors, Mike Simmons (@RoughDawg4). Listen in for our thoughts on the recent E3 2015 reveals and some of RoughDawg’s thoughts on trophy/achievement hunting.


Episode 4

We’ve got a new logo for Episode 4 of the Platinum Achievement Podcast! We’ve got some thoughts on the new Final Fantasy VII remake, first impressions of Batman: Arkham Knight (which doesn’t work on PC), and Brian convincing Antonio that his failure to finish BioShock Infinite is a sin of the highest magnitude!


Episode 5

Brian was almost late… but he finished the Last of Us so it’s okay! All your favorite co-hosts discuss their gaming headsets of choice, Antonio’s confusion of what Naruto and “MANGA, MAGNA, MANGO?” is, and the best games to play at a party.

Also listen to Chris’s special segment about what’s wrong with video games today and his surprise revelation that he doesn’t like this sports video game!


Episode 6

No Man’s Sky is gonna amazing… but how big will the world really be? And what will your precise objectives be when playing? Our co-hosts work to convince Antonio why he should be excited for it and the potential of the game with the PlayStation’s Morpheus VR headset.

Nintendo NX rumors have begun to swirl. What will the console be, and what exactly should it be?


Episode 7

This week we bring you a special guest interview with game-tester, marathon gamer and mega-man aficionado *Chris DiFranco*.

Join us as we discuss *video game development* our favorite *music in gaming* and *Extra Life* a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Also, Brian and Matt gush about the new Playstation classic *Rocket League*. If you haven’t played it stop reading this and go play…seriously stop reading this….go…go and play, its great.


Episode 8

In this much anticipated episode Antonio, Chris and Imran discuss the *greatest character in gaming* and comment on online lists and listener write-ins. What makes a video-game character great anyway? Who will be crowned victor?

We also took a look at choice and morality systems in games past and present. Did *Mass Effect 3* really only have one ending? Do we enjoy the karma system in *Fallout*? Who hasn’t finished Telltale’s *The Walking Dead – Season 1* …seriously….

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