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Phil Spencer suggests faster Xbox One UI could come soon

Though the Xbox One is technically the “next-gen” console, the efficiency and speed of the interface in relation to the Xbox 360’s UI gives users a shaky “next-gen” experience.

While the 360 has had nearly a decade for Microsoft and the Xbox division to continue developing and improving upon their initial design, many gamers had anticipated that the same model of an easy-to-use and fast-to-navigate design would carry over onto the new generation Xbox One consoles. So far those hopes have been met with significant letdown.

What was once accessible within an instant now takes an assortment of menus to load and look through — but this grievance that some Xbox One owners share may be addressed. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has confirmed that improving the speed of the Xbox One UI is a major focus of the continued console improvements.

The monthly updates from Microsoft has brought a variety of tangible features for fans to notice and enjoy right away — screenshots, snap home-bar, custom backgrounds, and many other features. However the background technical side still have some prominent efficiency issues. Spencer has suggested that more technical work will be done moving forward, but with the integration of Windows 10, Microsoft may save the bulk of these improvements for the release of a major update pertaining to it.

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